The First Commandment

Thou shalt have no other Gods before me!

It is often said, that Apple is like a religion for some customers. And if Apple is a god it is obviously the one of the Old Testament. No tolerance except for itself.

That metaphor comes into my mind each time when I'm submitting apps to the iOS or macOS app store. Usually Apple has no technical reasons for rejecting an app, instead they want to force me to advertise the Apple cosmos and nothing but the Apple cosmos.

It started with my free tool PDFify which features text recognition and PDF creation. These technologies were developed for my product Receipts. The idea with PDFify was to use it to promote Receipts by providing a link to its homepage. Apple rejected PDFify because Receipts was mainly distributed outside of the AppStore. They only accepted it once I replaced the link to the homepage by a direct link to Receipts in their AppStore.

Now the same happened again with my new tool OnePile on the iOS AppStore. It is also free right now, but offered for other platforms like Windows and Android as well. I also have links to my other products on that page. Inside the app I placed a link to the OnePile home page on the first screen to provide access to the other versions/platforms and the help documentation.

The app got rejected and I asked Apple twice which link exactly was problematic on my homepage but always got the same answer pointing to the link inside my app:


If I only could I would avoid the AppStore, but native features like document scanners can only be provided this way. So I'm dependent on Apple to accept my apps, therefore I'm going to remove this link.

But this is super annoying. I very much hope that Apple's monopoly will be broken (EU/USA). For developers it already hard to work around the limitation put in place by Apple with the only intent to suppress competitors. But the latest experience is so absurd and I wonder whether Apple is really that much greedy for the 30% it takes from the developers and over that damages its good reputation.