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Just a short note, that I started a separate blog for news related to my product Receipts. I hope you’ll subscribe there as well and learn more about the future of this product.

I had fun making the new website by using my Open Source project SeaSite about which I already wrote earlier in this blog: “Static websites the jQuery way”. Even though the whole project is made of static pages, it was easy to do with those helper.

For SeaSite I added a localization plugin, to be able to reuse templates for English and German. In order to better respect the GDPR, I added features for load stuff lazy “on click” into the pages like YouTube videos or Disqus UI.

Another very useful feature of SeaSite is the outline generated when parsing Markdown. This way the help pages got a nice table of contents as a side info. The help document itself was edited in Typora, I wrote about the approach earlier in this blog.

Finally the search is also a nice feature that does not require any dynamic code on the server. SeaSite extracts all headers and contents from the created static pages a final step and puts the data into a JSON file. That is loaded lazily only if the user starts typing. The Fuse.js library adds the search logic and fuzzy string support.

Published on August 31, 2018

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